Abstract Realism Tattoo

Realistic tattoos have been growing on a huge scale during the last decades.

This evolution is due to the technological advantages that machinery and pigments used to perform this true art work. However another significant part of such an evolution is due to the originality of the designs artist are tattooing right now.

10733846_808614692513671_713511421080388432_oPeople involved on the tattoo industry recognize that this is a breath of fresh air to the tattoo designs because allows the professional to explore and recreate a photograph on the skin with the most realistic outcome.

Moreover, it is a quality reflection from a professional who is painting on the skin. Mastering this style requires not only an excellent technique but also high arts knowledge. It´s how the artist reach this accuracy, considering volumes, contrasts and line depth, among other things.

One of the greatest names on Abstract realism is the tattoo artist Charles Huurman. Utopian Tattoo tribe founder. In fact the term “abstract realism” was applied for the first time to those kind of tattoos during an interview for INKED magazine in 2013.

Charles was asked for the style of his tattoos. Unable to find a term already established that matched his work style, he decided to name it with a term already used in the language of the fine arts but never applied before to define a tattoo style.11206004_896350213740118_7590778871502846373_n

Abstract realism, combines patterns strength, colors, textures and abstract art lines with the perfection you attempt to play through the realistic art.

The abstract touch of of Charles works often get manifested through watercolor and oils on stain forms, which also works as a framework to help merge the portrait with the human anatomy, allowing the tattoo to flow organically with the body and not looking as a simple sticker. Another way to achieve this surreal touch is through dreamscapes that are interspersed with portraits and simultaneously merge with the same skin, confusing fantasy and reality.

Diving in his portfolio is like enter in a fantastic dream, sometimes grisly, surreal and very perfectionist. You can spend hours looking each detail of his work and the question that always comes to your mind is: how he might be able to portray so perfectly?

Hyper Reality merged with Surrealism

If you want to learn more about this style, do not hesitate to come to Utopian Tattoo Tribe, where you will run in to Charles Huurman. Nobody like him to show you how the body can be the best canvas to merge the hyper-reality with surreal tattoo.


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