Tattoos and skin have a close relationship, as it is well known. It is the biggest organ in our body and our favorite design will be accommodated on it for the rest of our lives. Skin is a living organ, resistant, flexible and it is the best protection from external agents that the human body has. But, do we  know where the ink is deposited when we get inked? Does it affect the quality, durability and health of our tattoo?

Human skin has three layers: epidermis, dermis and hypodermis.

The ink must be deposited in the intermediary layer, that is, the dermis. The cells are more stable in there than in the epidermis, and dermis would be the layer where our tattoo would reach perfect conditions and durability. There are many opinions about what is the exact depth a tattooist can put the ink in while working on skin, apart from the existence of many types of skins, but there is a limited range where the good tattooing conditions,  quality and skin health are warranted: between 2 and 3,5 millimeters.

Tattooing too superficially can affect to color intensity and it could even lead in a poor wound healing. Moreover, natural regeneration of epidermis would blur our favorite design, affecting our skin aesthetically. In the same way, a too depth tattoo causes bleeding, loss of definition in strokes and eventually skin infections. It could cause keloids, which are swollen scars that we definitely don’t want in our tattoo.

Recent tattoo with good technique and well healed, maintaining color intensity and definite strokes.

For all these reasons is very important to choose an experienced artist will high skills in order to avoid complications in our piece. In addition, a bad technique in a tattoo could be very difficult to repair.

Too deep tattoo: blurred color and unsightly scars.

If we trust in a good professional we could enjoy the experience in a safe, comfortable and healthy way.


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2 thoughts on “Where‘s tattoo ink deposited?

  1. Javier mora ferri 1 year ago

    Hola me gustaría hacerme un tatoo se rollo geométrico me mitad del bíceps hasta la muñeca
    …sobre que precio sería??y tenéis mucha lista de espera??me gustaría para hacerlo en las navidades qe estoy de vacaciones…gracias

    1. Utopian Tattoo Tribe 1 year ago

      Hola Javier, muchas gracias por escribirnos.
      Tenemos a los mejores artistas especializados en geometría para conseguir un tatoo increíble sin tener largas listas de espera.
      Para darte presupuesto necesitamos conocer algunos detalles mas sobre tu proyecto.
      Puedes hacernos llegar todos los detalles con nuestro formulario web de contacto. Sólo te llevará unos minutos enviarlo y te contestaremos rápidamente por email para ayudarte e informarte de todo.
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      Un saludo!