fiesta aniversario en Utopian Tattoo Tribe

One year already! Easily said… not so easily done! A whole year of tireless work by our team; and steady growth. A year of brainstorming to make our studio, your studio.

One of these days, we’ll get round to telling you how and where Utopian Tattoo Tribe all began – but, for now, we just want to ask you to come and celebrate with us. And what better way to reward your confidence and loyalty than by inviting you to our event next FRIDAY 2nd December from 7pm!

Come and enjoy our birthday party! There’ll be cool drinks (mojito and beer), Djs, and the announcement you’ve been waiting for so long: the 10 WINNERS of our 200€ gift vouchers! Our artists are still in a state of flux, faced with the difficult task of trying to choose the best from the hundreds of great ideas you’ve sent us.

Anyway, this is an event you really don’t want to miss!!

The Tribe is looking forward to seeing you all here, this Friday 2nd December at 7pm!!

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