False myth about tattoos.

Surrounding the world of tattoo there are a lot of false myths that sometimes may be right but most of the times there is no fundament. We want to talk about these misconceptions because our art is usually associated with many negative concepts such as, pain and complications that have nothing related with this profession.

As we believe that there are a lot of myths to unveil, we will split this post in two parts to be able to talk about this subject as requires and spread a bit of light on tattoo world myths.

False Tattoo myth #1
Getting a tattoo hurts a lot

This statement is too complex to be true. Pain is very personal, there are some people that can´t handle a blood test but there are others that can get a tattoo in the palm of your hand without blinking. It depends on your pain threshold, whether your skin is sensitive, if the area to be tattooed is a bit ‘bony’, or if we are more or less relaxed, also the ability of the artist and the complexity of the tattoo directly affect to the pain we can get. But we insist, it depends on the person. If it were so painful, we wouldn’t see so many tattooed people, isn’t it? Later we will post about the most difficult and painful tattooing areas.

False Tattoo myth #2
Getting a tattoo is dangerous because the hygiene

That is not true. All the professional tattoo studios have to get a health permit, with a qualified professional staff, sterilized and clean material with a magnificent sanitary conditions. But we can’t generalize. For sure that the are tattoo studios that may not use such name because the people in charge don’t respect their customers and work without any safeties. Something that makes us happy is that these places are disappearing. Tattooing is safe and you must trust your tattooist not only because his art, also because he can prove his professionalism and knowledge with facts. Make sure when you choose a studio you are doing it right.

False Tattoo myth #3
Tattooing is very expensive

It depends on the piece you want, the size and complexity, the hours required and of course, the tattooist skills, but this is not expensive. How much do you think you have to pay for your hold back, with a very complicated art that takes many sessions to complete? You’re going to get this tattoo on you for many years. You should invest in a good tattoo artist. But if you are looking for a simple or small piece, is not necessary to pay that much. You can learn more about why tattoos are so expensive here

false Tattoo myth #4
If you get a tattoo, you can’t donate blood.

This is partly true, but not permanently. Once you have done your tattoo, the Spanish law says you have to wait at least four months to donate. The reason is simple, it´s a measure of preventive health to avoid infected blood donors. The risks of being infected with a contagious disease rise on the days you receive injections or have any other procedure that involves skin puncture. Even when your blood tests are negative. The same would happen to us if we had suffered any operation that involves surgery, dental visits, and so on…

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