How do I make an enquiry or booking?

Enquiries and bookings can be made through our website, by telephone or at the studio.  On the website, go to the “Contact” section and fill out the “Online Booking Form”. We will get back to you shortly with all the necessary information.

For appointments in our studio in Kilkenny, please get in touch with us through our website and fill out the “Online Booking Form”. We will review your idea and get back to you shortly.  Please note that this is an “appointment only” studio.

Do I need to put down a deposit to make a booking?

Yes. Deposit secures booking. This deposit will come off the price of your tattoo at the end, or your final session.

When do I see the design?

Designs are shown on the day of the tattoo. Modifications on the design are allowed as long as the professional considers it will not affect negatively the end result of the tattoo, either in the short or in the long term. The final design will result from the mutual agreement between tattoo artist and client that completely satisfies both parties.

What if I have to cancel?

Appointments must be cancelled or rescheduled with at least 14 working days notice to secure deposit. Please note that deposits are not refundable but they can be transferred to another date, tattoo or person.

I am travelling from abroad

We have a high volume of clients that travel from abroad, including Australia, USA and Europe. Special arrangements can be made for international clients, such as longer tattoo sessions, closer consecutive tattoo sessions, etc.

How do I heal and take care of my new tattoo?

Your new tattoo will be covered with a thin self-adhesive film that will protect it from friction and will prevent pathogens and external contaminants from entering the wound. This film is breathable and waterproof. Remove the film (peel it off) after 2 or 3 days and wash your tattoo 4 times a day with luke warm water and neutral soap and pat dry with kitchen towels. Once clean and dry apply a very thin layer of hydrant cream (As our aftercare cream vegan formula of special treatment for tattoos of Balm Tattoo that you will be able to acquire in the study). Repeat this process for 2 weeks.

Depending on the tattoo, there´s some tattoo artists that prefer to cover it with transparent film. In this case, remove the film after 3 hours and wash it with luke warm water and neutral soap. Pat it dry with kitchen towels, apply a very thin layer of moisturizing cream and leave it open air. Cover the tattoo during the 2 nights. Do not apply creams if you are going to cover it with film. Repeat the process during 2 weeks.

Remembers that the solar exhibition can degrade the quality of your tattoo, protect it with sun protection cream SPF75 or more, like Balm Tattoo SunBlock SPF75 availably in our study.