Star Wars Tattoo: May the force be with your skin

If we turn on the TV, open the newspaper, interact in social networks or surf anywhere on Internet we realize right away that Star Wars fever has reached its peak.

Since the announcement of the new film release for the 18th of December many people have been feeding their desire to see the new movie on the big screen.

‘A New Hope’

The first one, ‘A New Hope’ was released in 1977 and had a very young Harrison Ford as Han Solo role that repeats in this new release. The success was such big that two more sequels were recorded, ‘The Empire Strikes Back “and” Return of the Jedi’.star wars tattoo

We had to wait another 16 years for new stories to be screened in theaters starring by the force, the dark side and a very young Darth Vader. With the aftermaths, ‘The Phantom Menace’ ‘Attack of the Clones “and” Revenge of the Sith’ the saga became one of the most successful in the cinema history.

What happened during the forty-years?

What happened during the forty-year reign of Star Wars? During those four decades a lot of people have become the craziest fans of the series, to the point of wanting to decorate their skin with the characters of the film.

We bring you some Star Wars tattoo that we have found on Internet. Although many choose the classic stuff, others have wanted to give a touch of creativity and imagination to their tattoos to end up in a really mind blowing tattoos.

star wars tattoo darth wader
Done by AD.Pancho

To begin, we want to show you some hyper-realistic portraits of characters like Senator Palpatine or Darth Maul. By the way this last one is chosen by many people to get tattooed. Why is that?

We also love who decides to capture in their skin one of the most legendary characters in the saga with a different technique and striking, as is the pointillism. The result is perfect.

dotwork joda tattoo

In another league are those that fuse elements that at first looks like water and oil but they work so damn good. Such as this great R2D with his famous phrase to Princess Leia ‘You are my only hope!’ in a banner adorned with a flower. Don´t you think so?

R2D2 tattoo star wars

Finally, we yield on the advocates of a simple tattoo but powerful, we love the blend of different saga´s element in one R2D2 tattoo.

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  1. Jose 4 years ago

    Gran estudio de tatuajes con gente muy cualificada para el tatto

  2. Sara 3 years ago

    Time to face the music armed with this great inrnomatiof.