Watercolor tattoo: art and sophistication on the skin.

Anyone who is closely following the tattoo trends knows about the latest fashion that is flooding Facebook and Instagram walls: the Watercolor tattoo.

Is not difficult to understand why is called this way. Those who come to the tattoo studio looking for watercolor tattoo will get people watching at them without any discretion. The brush stroke effect, the stains, the spattered ink, the color degradation as well, unlike any other watercolor tattootechnique. Makes the watercolor tattoo a very striking technique.

Not every artist can do it.

Don’t expect to any regular tattoo artist to know about this technique. Create this effects on the skin is complicated but once your are on the right hand the final effect is brutal and very artistic but it´s necessary that the tattooist get enough experience and background to provide good results.

Do you want something different, flashy that blow up people´s mind watching your skin? If so, your tattoo is the watercolor style. Ideal for those who want different designs far from conventional.

If you have been surfing on the forums, surely you got wrong information about watercolor tattoo. Some ones says that last less than a conventional tattoo or is more painful that the regular ones… All this is not true. All depends on the pain tolerance of each one and the treated area. So be careful with what we read online in forums. Nothing better that a trussed tattoo artist advice.

Aftercare is crucial

All these tattoos are made in color most of the time; you must pay attention to your tattooist advices regarding aftercares. The colors need a good settle in order to avoid any intensity loss over the time.

If you didn´t know about this technique, for sure you like it , so if you want to know more about it we recommend you to visit the Utopian Tattoo Tribe Artist page, because in our team we have a real expert in this brutal technique: Caro Black Swan.

Here you have some of her works. Check it out!

watercolor_dragonfly_dandelion_tattoo_caroblackswan watercolor_crow_tattoo_caro_blackswan watercolor_abstract_tattoo_caro_blackswan

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