Yakuza Tattoo

The Yakuza culture emerged in the seventeenth century in Japan and even today exist more than 2,500 families that belong to it. The traditional Japanese Yakuza, one of the most famous world mafia, today has 100,000 members controlling highest levels of the police and the eastern country government.

So when someone talks about the Yakuza mafia, don´t think just in the typical gang guy with his bad looking. A small Japanese man on suit can look alike harmless but you may never know because are not the clothes what makes the difference on this people.yakuza_tattoo

They are not only in Japan also in the United States, Europe and the rest of Asia. Their strong traditions and legends about the Yakuza mob have made them well known throughout the world, but if something catches our attention are their tattoos. Yakuza Tattoo is amazing.

Bodysuit tattoos, except neck and hands.

Usually bodysuit tattoos, except neck and hands as an indication of this mafia belonging. For them is a respect grade, especially when the ink does not leave a free space across the skin.

Indeed the Yakuza tattoo is made the way that when a man is dressed you don’t realize he is tattooed. There´s histories about Yakuza meetings talking about all of them take off the clothes to make know each other’s hierarchy and authority. It depends on the tattoos on your skin. What a show!

Normally tattooed with very big dimensions pieces, which often cover the entire back or chest and full sleeves climbing up the body. They are spectacular to observe.

The most common elements are dragons, samurai warriors, geishas, koi fish and flowers; all from traditional Japanese tattoo culture with extreme detail and precision.

Tattoos usually made with dark tones, red and green colors depending the type of skin enhancing the drawings, mythical and exotic in equal parts.

In many gyms, swimming pools and public spas in Japan tattooed people are not allowed in.

They seem spectacular to us, but in Japan these tattoos are not exactly admired. In many gyms, swimming pools and public spas tattooed people are not allowed and it´s a taboo subject, associated with organized crime, which seems very unfair and superficial. Of course this thinking is increasingly disappearing but different country different culture…

After talking all this things here you have some images of Yakuza tattoo as you can see they have a lot of history behind it. Surely from now you will look different to a Japanese man in a suit, it can be covered with ink!



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