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What are the advantages of getting a tattoo in winter?

Below you will find five reasons why to wait for the hot weather to disappear before going to see our favorite tattooist.

When temperatures begin to rise, and we start to take off jerseys and jackets, tattoo lovers start to get itchy skin. We look at ourselves and check the ink we have done in our body and start to figure out those yet to come.

It´s something that happens to everyone, and therefore, the arrival of summer is directly proportional to the number of tattoos that people get. Statistics show that from April, visits to the studio soar to the maximum.

The point is that summer is the worst time to go through the study. It is now, in winter, when we begin to cover our skin with long sleeves, also the right time to cover it with ink.tattoo in winter

Why should we get tattooed in winter?

1. Summer heats make us sweat more than during the year, and this is the reason our skin is more irritated. If we add to this carry a just made tattoo covered by plastic film at least 72 hours in a heat wave, days after getting tattooed can become a painful time. This doesn’t happen in winter.

2. During summer, we spend more time out of the home. We eat wherever we get on the road and sleep anyplace without any problem. If we keep in mind that a just made tattoo requires very specific care and hygiene in the first days, summer is not the ideal time to do it.

3. Summer excessive humidity can cause skin reaction or even fungus if we don’t take any precautions. These symptoms can be pretty bad for our new tattoo. Again this doesn´t happen with lower temperatures.

4. Summer means swimming pool and beach. But if we get a just made tattoo we must stay away from this places at least two weeks to avoid any infection. Between October and February, we don’t have this problem.

5. On summer time, we have to be very careful of sunlight overexpose. Sun can be very harmful and may cause color loss. Winter long sleeves protect us in this regard. This not only helps to heal properly but also the colors last longer and settle better.

Therefore, we recommend delaying the visit until winter. If you do it the right way, you will be able to show your tattoo in summer without worrying about anything else.

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